In the Rivne region opened a monument to victims of the NKVD

В Ровенской области открыли памятник жертвам НКВД

The opening of the monument to victims of the NKVD

Monument to soldiers of the UPA has put in the “Valley of death”.

In Demidov district, Rivne region on Monday, July 31, unveiled a monument to soldiers of the UPA, which is in the mid 40-ies of the last century was shot by groups of people’s Commissariat of internal Affairs of the USSR. It is stated in the story channel 5.

It is noted that the monument was erected in Softovoi valley, or, as called it the locals, the “Valley of death”.

It was named in honor of UPA fighters Safat Panasyuk, who betrayed his fellows and he participated in mass executions of their countrymen in the area.

According to the sister of one of the victims of UPA Sofia Martynyuk, not to be witnesses, the bodies were dumped in remote places.

“Best youth tried to destroy. And there were no witnesses, threw in a Polish wells in remote places where nobody has heard of, not seen, not known. Here many of our fellow residents, my late mother was from our village counted 47 people,” she said.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier, activists and members of Polish nationalist organisations in the cemetery of the village near Przemysl Groszowice dismantled funerary monument to soldiers of the UPA.