In the Russian Federation has appointed psychiatric examination of all prisoners sailors

В РФ назначили психиатрическую экспертизу всем пленным морякам

Psychological-psychiatric examination is appointed for all 24 citizens of Ukraine. Examination will start as expected next week.

Russian investigators appointed psychological and psychiatric examination of all prisoners of war 24 Ukrainian sailors. This was announced by human rights defender Nikolai Polozov on the page in Facebook.

Thursday, March 21, was held the investigative actions in respect of a prisoner of war of the Ukrainian seaman Mikhail Vlasyuk. It, along with a lawyer acquainted with the resolution of appointment Commission comprehensive outpatient psychological and psychiatric forensic examination. The defence objected to the examination.

“As of today, Commission comprehensive outpatient psychological and psychiatric examination is appointed in respect of all prisoners of war 24 Ukrainian sailors,” – said the lawyer.

Examination should begin next week at the fsbi national medical research centre of psychiatry and addiction psychiatry named after V. P. Serbskiy, Ministry of healthcare of Russia.

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Earlier it was reported that psychological and psychiatric examination were assigned to 21 out of 24 Ukrainian sailors.

We will remind, on November 25, 2018 Russian special forces had seized two Ukrainian boats of Berdyansk and Dnipropetrovsk and tug Jana’s tray on the way to the Kerch Strait. 24 Ukrainian sailors were arrested on charges of “illegal crossing of border of the Russian Federation”. Captured sailors told investigators that they are prisoners of war.

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