In the sanatorium Carpathians poisoned 34

В санатории Прикарпатья отравились 34 человека

Among poisoned – 25 foreigners.

The number of poisoned in the health institution “the Radiance of the Carpathians” (p. Krasnoillya Verkhovyna district) rose to 34 persons – 26 children and 8 adults. This reports the press service of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration on the morning of Wednesday, July 26.

Among the victims – 25 citizens of Poland and Germany and 9 Ukrainians. The condition of the victims of mild and medium severity.

According to RSA, only a place of entertainment, there were about 152 people. The reason of a poisoning of people, the names of the persons are established.

Recall, July 25 from “the Shining Karpaty” with food poisoning were hospitalized, 13 people, including 11 foreigners.