In the SAP opened a case against the detectives NAB negotiations with Onishchenko

В САП открыли дело против детективов НАБУ за переговоры с Онищенко

Head of SAP Nazar Holodnitsky

The detectives NAB could negotiate on contract plea with the fugitive’s Deputy only with the approval of the Prosecutor. Meanwhile, NABOO not only did not have this permission, but also denied the fact of negotiations.

National anti-corruption Bureau had no right to conduct negotiations with the former people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko, without the knowledge of SAP. In this regard, against the NABOO officials opened a criminal case. On Wednesday, may 16, the statement said Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors in Facebook.

The statement noted that according to the law, the agreement on the admission of guilt may be initiated exclusively by the Prosecutor, the suspect or the plaintiff, but not of the detectives.

It is noted that the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky to conduct such negotiations instructions are given to anyone not delegated such authority.

“In addition, the head of the Main division detectives NABOO Kaluzinski A. V., which, as can be assumed from the published in the media of video recording, led these negotiations, is not a detective in this production and was not included in the group of detectives in one of the criminal proceedings according to Onishchenko,” – noted in the pad.

The office of Golodnitsky noted that NABOO hid from SAP interviews Onishchenko via videoconference at the conclusion of the agreement on recognition of guilt.

“Moreover, after receiving information about the secret negotiations of the leadership and investigators to NAB by Onishchenko (interview Onishchenko, the online edition Ukrainska Pravda, 14 December 2017) on the question of the head SAP announced the facts, the management of the NEB denied it, citing the falsity of the statements of the suspect Onishchenko,” – noted in the pad.

It is also noted that the role of the organizer of the criminal organization and participated in committing heinous crimes incriminated to Onishchenko, lets not even talk about the possibility of concluding agreements on recognition of guilt.

In this regard, SAP 14 may began criminal proceedings concerning officials of NABOO that behind SAP were in negotiations with Onishchenko. Pre-trial investigation entrusted to the Main investigation Department of National police of Ukraine.

“Finally, I want to caution investigators and the leadership of NAB Ukraine from providing the media false information, manipulating public opinion and creating public a distorted view of the work of law enforcement bodies”, – summed up in SAP.

Yesterday it was reported that SAP has opened a criminal case on materials of the films of Alexander Onishchenko.

We will remind, earlier people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko said he hasn’t spoken with the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik regarding the transmission of “films” and promised to publish dirt on him.


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