In the skies over Ireland UFO sightings

В небе над Ирландией замечено НЛО

In Ireland, a few pilots reported a UFO

About the unknown flying object was reported by several pilot various airlines.

In the skies over Ireland several flights the pilots reported bright flashes and UFOs. Reported by the BBC.

Yesterday, 9 November, the pilot of a British Airways flight flying over the southwest coast of Ireland, reported on “bright flashes”. The pilot contacted dispatch to see whether there are in the area military exercises.

The man reported that before the plane flew an unidentified bright object. The Manager reported that there were no military operations in the airspace is not carried out.

Another pilot of Virgin Atlantic Airways, seeing in the same area of the flying object, assumed it was a meteorite, or other dense body passing into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The pilot said that the UFO flew a few bright objects. One of the witnesses said that the speed of the objects was approximately Mach 2 (2450 km/h). It is worth noting that modern military equipment is much higher than this figure.

Irish aviation administration is already investigating the incident.
Informed Amateur astronomer recorded near the moon unknown objects. Some experts believe that this meteorites. Also the Correspondent wrote that the American took on the road “flying saucer”.

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