In the Solar system, spotted the object from interstellar space

В Солнечной системе замечен объект из межзвездного пространства

Astronomers have discovered a second interstellar body in the Solar system

Ukrainian Amateur astronomer discovered a mysterious cosmic body that entered the Solar system.

Scientists discovered in the Solar system space object flew from mezhzvezdnoi space. This is the second such facility in the entire history of space observations. The trajectory of the cosmic body is designed for the website Orbit Simulator.

Mysterious object found Ukrainian Amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov on August 30. It was called C/2019 Q4 and began to study an international group of scientists.

It turned out that this comet, followed by a halo of dust reflecting sunlight. This gives the opportunity to better study object than the first of the registered bodies mezhzvezdnoi space asteroid Omwamwi.

В Солнечной системе замечен объект из межзвездного пространства


Scientists have modeled the flight path of the comet. It will pass between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars at the end of October 2019. In December, the body reaches nearest to the Sun point, and observe it until January 2021.

To prove that C/2019 Q4 does not belong to the Solar system it is necessary to study its orbit.

Before scientists found water vapor in the atmosphere of super-earths. It was also reported that astronomers gave the space signals of unknown origin.

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