In the state border service are advised not to travel to Russia

В Госпогранслужбе рекомендуют не ездить в РФ

The Agency identified three categories of Ukrainians who are at risk.

The speaker of the state border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan has warned of the dangers that may be waiting for Ukrainians in Russia. About this he wrote in Facebook.

“Citizens of Ukraine who owing to circumstances often forced to visit the Russian Federation, complain of psychological and even physical pressure from law enforcement bodies of the country-aggressor,” – says the speaker.

According Slobodyan, Russian security forces keep records of citizens of Ukraine who constantly travel to Russia through the border of the base of the Cascade-Flow. Also a representative of SBS called category citizens who are at risk. People who frequently cross the Ukrainian-Russian border on personal matters, having relatives in the border regions of the Russian Federation and citizens of the Russian car registration.

“When triggered, the base of the Cascade-Flow, Russian border guards seized a citizen of Ukraine passport and report to the senior of change or the initiator setting on the control. The person and the vehicle is removed from the total flow to wait for the arrival of the initiator,” says Slobodian.

According to SBGS, the intelligence agencies during interrogation intimidate Ukrainian citizens and threaten to ban entry to the territory of the Russian Federation. Sometimes there are cases of extortion of money.

“Basically, questions are asked about personal participation in the ATO or the participation of close relatives, social and political situation in Ukraine and cooperation with the structures of the security Service of Ukraine. Also representatives of the Russian special services are selected and check the contents and mobile phone contacts”, – said the speaker.

Reported in the state border service and of the repeated attempts of the FSB of the Russian Federation to persuade the citizens of Ukraine to cooperate or attempts to force them to confess to intelligence activities in favor of Ukraine.

“Many talked about the use against them of physical force, including to confess to crimes they did not commit (e.g., theft). In this regard, the state border service of Ukraine once again recommends Ukrainian citizens to refrain from trips to Russia without necessity,” concluded said.

We will remind, today the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin stated that work on the visa regime with Russia.

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