In the state border service denied “travel record” in Crimea

В Госпогранслужбе отрицают "туристический рекорд" в Крыму

The flow of citizens on the border with Crimea falls

More people coming from the Crimea to the mainland Ukraine and this trend is growing, say the border guards.

The current government in Crimea is trying to portray a positive picture of the tourist season and increases the number of visitors to the Peninsula. It is reported by the state border service of Ukraine on Wednesday, October 10.

On the eve of Crimea announced a record 6.1 million tourists, including one million – allegedly the Ukrainians. But in the state border service lead very different data utvida that the tourist season in the Crimea was once again a failure.

Thus, according to the Agency, for the first nine months of the administrative border with the Crimea crossed two million times. The number of Ukrainians crossing in the direction of the Crimea amounted to 996 thousand, and back – 1,011 million times. And this trend is growing.

“In addition, for comparison, during the tourist season from may to September adminpraise with the occupied Crimea recorded 1.4 million crossings, of which 690 thousand times by the citizens of Ukraine in the direction of the Peninsula and 713 thousand times from the Crimea”, – stated in the message.

In the state border service reminded that the statistics for 2015-2017 was also shown that the number of intersections tendention decreases. And in Russia I think everyone who crossed admingranitsu – tourist, even if this person the next day left the Crimea, or simply visiting family.

Earlier in the Crimea said that by the end of 2018, the expected growth of tourist flow from Ukraine to one million people.

It was also reported that in 2018 the Crimea cancelled the introduction of a resort fee, hoping to “more pronounced effect” in a year.

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