In the State employment service explained what services can bring to your employer

В Государственной службе занятости объяснили, какие услуги может получить работодатель

Despite the fact that most customer Service is a job seekers most important customer is the employer. Because, it is the employer creates jobs. Although, the State employment service recently focused more on modernization, a key service for employers was and remains the recruitment service of qualified employees, explained the State employment service.

It would seem that recruitment procedure is more than the standard, but the Service took on weapons and even the format of the so-called “stream of interviews”. In other words, the service organizes an event for a specific employer, and invite job-seekers that match the specified criteria. Thus, the employer in one day can complement a large number of vacancies.

“The versatility is important, and we strongly developed. For example, to find a worker through the employment Service can a small enterprise with a staff of just two people, and large industrial plants. For us there is no limit on the number of workers that need to pick up. Enterprise “BEHOLD Bordnetze Ukraine”, which specializiruetsya on cable networks for vehicles “Volkswagen” and “Audi”, employed for 3 years in conjunction with the MSG 1576 people. This is only sample example”, – said the Deputy Head of the State employment service (Central office) Sergey Kravchenko.

В Государственной службе занятости объяснили, какие услуги может получить работодатель



In addition, the Service can undertake training employees under the order of a particular employer. What does it mean? Under the Service there are 11 Centres for vocational training. If the employer at a particular time requires a specific number of new employees that meet certain criteria, they Service will teach to his employees. Thus, for 10 months of current year already has trained more than 32 thousand job seekers.

Also, employers may call the Service for the selection of employees for public works. From the beginning of 2016, the single social tax from wages of employees reduced from nearly 37.5% to 22%. Despite this, it is the payment of ERUs is the main reason not to withdraw salaries from the shadows. So – with the employment Service to receive benefits for this fee.

Such benefits provided in case of employment of members of ATU. The employment of the military who returned from the war in the East, today, unfortunately, became a serious problem for the country. Employers are often afraid to take on the extra responsibility. Article 26 of the Law “On employment” provides additional guarantees in promoting employment of this category of citizens. The employer who employs the new location (in the direction of the State employment service) these people for a period of not less than two years, monthly throughout the year to compensate for the actual costs in the amount of ERUs.

Such compensation shall be paid to the employer in case of employment of a person who brings own child under 3 years of age, a young man who just finished school and other citizens (the list defined in article 14 of the Law “On employment of population”). Painful topic is the employment of immigrants. Countless valuable employees that they were in his native city, was left without a job in a new place. Find a job for a migrant is sometimes hard. Therefore, the Government adopted a Decree №696, which makes the employment of people with in the number of immigrants is very beneficial. The government promises: if the employer will give the settler a new job and will hire him in the direction of the employment service, throughout the year, will receive compensation for the salary payments. The main requirement – the term of employment should exceed the payment period, – explained the Deputy Head of the State employment service (TSA), Sergey Kravchenko.