In the subsidiary there are still many schemes of plunder of money.

В Укргаздобыче осталось еще много схем хищения денег – нардеп

The criminal scheme in the subsidiary caused the loss of three billion to the state

Derevyanko said that Onishchenko is still under Yanukovych knew how to bring money

The Deputy-the fugitive Alexander Onishchenko still under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych knew how much we need to distribute money from gas schemes. This was stated by member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption, individual MP Yuriy Derevyanko, the TV channel ZIK.

“Ukrgasdobycha is today on the domestic market, the company, which produces 73% of all gas is a very large and powerful financial flows. So wanting to control those flows more than enough. The legacy of the current government, these wishes were transferred from the Yanukovych regime. In particular, Onishchenko was the person who provided the control or maintenance of this entire process. He is still under Yanukovych knew who how much to deliver, and he did it, and after the power shift. The management of the subsidiary was still old and that the new government changed it, it is a positive step, no doubt…. But schemes of embezzlement of funds in the subsidiary many,” said Derevianko.

According to him, Ukraine unable to print billions of hryvnias so that it was imperceptible. “We have the SFMS of Ukraine and other regulators that monitor the flow of funds… Scheme Onishchenko was the result of work of a large team, everyone was interested in this. Of the highest offices must have received the command that “there do not touch it, it’s all right, so it must be, everything is under control”. No President, no attorney General, no security chief, it’s not working… Such large cash flows without the President never move,” – said the MP.

Recall, Onishchenko said that Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has repeatedly bribed the deputies for the promotion of the necessary initiatives, and the money is taken including allocated IMF loans.

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