In the Sumy area the man kept in chains, 30-year-old son

В Сумской области мужчина держал на цепи 30-летнего сына

The man held an adult son on the chain (illustrative photo)

The young man, according to his father, has problems with mental health and could pose a threat to themselves and others.

In the Sumy area the man chained his 30-year-old son in the leg to the metal bed so that he could not leave the house. On Friday, March 22, the press service of the police region.

His action suspect explains the fact that the son from birth has a physical and psychological health, and may pose a threat to themselves and to others.

That man holding his son on the iron leash, the police had learned from doctors, who arrived on a call. As it turned out, in the house of the man living together. After three years ago died the wife of the owner, the father was periodically chained son’s leg to the bed chain that is secured with lock.

According to the man, the son was aggressive and so he tried to calm him down. He also chained son, when leaving the house. At the same time to doctors for help it was not addressed and properly the son didn’t care.

Law enforcement announced 57-year-old man suspected of illegal deprivation of liberty. The investigators are preparing a petition in court about election of a measure of restraint for the father in the form of house arrest. For such “care” to it threatens till five years of restriction or deprivation of liberty.

The young man is now under the care of doctors, and after all the necessary surveys, he is likely to be delivered to the appropriate specialised medical facility for further treatment and rehabilitation.

Earlier, the U.S. detained parents who are kept in chains of 13 children in a dark room.

And in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, the mother kept the children on the chain, chained them to a radiator in the bedroom and the faucet in the bathroom.




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