In the Sumy region drunken soldier threw a grenade in the house

В Сумской области пьяный военный бросил гранату в жилой дом

The man wanted to take revenge on the inhabitant of this house, with whom he had a conflict. In the house povyletali Windows, damaged doors and walls.

In Glukhov Sumy region in a two story house, an explosion occurred in the result of the rupture of military fragmentation grenades, none of the occupants were not injured, according to the national police in Sumy region.

Significant damage was the front door, walls and Windows of the house. Residents of a residential neighborhood, and most of them are old, was scared. The explosion was so powerful that in one of apartments of the house fell the old woman, and the house next door fell from the table lamp.

The technicians say, if at this time the entrance was the person of chances to survive it was not because the affected area from explosion of this grenade up to 35 meters.

In the course of operational investigative actions it was established that the grenade into the house threw one of the former military in the state of alcoholic intoxication. So he wanted to take revenge on the man who lived in the house for remarks in his address.

Former military it is reported about suspicion in part 4 of article 296 UK of Ukraine “Hooliganism committed with application of fire or cold weapon or other subject, in advance prepared for infliction of bodily damage” and 263 p. 1 UK of Ukraine “Illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosive substances”.

He was detained, he faces imprisonment for a term of 3 to 7 years.

We will remind that earlier in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast military threw a grenade into a crowd of people, nine people were injured.