In the Sumy region severely beat handicapped immigrant in Russian language

В Сумской области жестоко избили инвалида-переселенца за русский язык

In the village in Sumy hostile toward the family of immigrants from Donetsk

The former miner from the Donetsk conflict arose with a new villager because of the language. He was beaten nine people.

In Buimer village, Sumy region severely beat handicapped immigrant from Donetsk. As reported in the story of the Lens of the local TV channel ATV, the man went to the hospital because of what he said in Russian.

It is noted that because the local decided to “teach for the native Ukrainian language.”

Scared this case women immigrants now do not go out alone. Family fears of vigilantism in the village.

According to the wife of the victim, he had a conflict with the villagers on the basis of the Russian language. One day at the General store he was attacked by nine people after a skirmish and was trying to break his mouth.

After this former miner put on the road and threatened to drive a minibus.

The case was assigned to the police.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev have exposed the migrant from Lugansk, which organized the illegal business of providing sexual services.


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