In the Ternopil region are investigating the activities of “UNA”

В Тернопольской области расследуют деятельность "УНА"

The so-called “First Ukrainian national Congress” in Prague

SBU is investigating the activities of Ternopil detachment illegal paramilitary structures of the “Ukrainian national army”.

Activities Ternopil detachment illegal paramilitary structures of the “Ukrainian national army” was the subject of the investigation to the local offices of the security Service of Ukraine. On Monday, January 14, reports UNN.

Criminal proceedings opened under article Actions aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or the seizure of state power. It is known that in the framework of the investigation no one has been detained.

We will remind, SBU is conducting an investigation concerning the conduct of the “First Ukrainian national Congress” and the “Ukrainian national army” in Prague in may 2018 in an effort to seize power.

The investigation established that during 24 – 26 may 2018 during the “First Ukrainian national Congress” (“PNUK”), which was held in the Czech city of Prague was declared that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine (including the military Prosecutor’s office) and the Ministry of interior of Ukraine illegitimate and criminal organization, and “PNUK” is a legitimate legislative body of Ukraine, the judicial branch of government is supposedly “of the Ukrainian people’s Tribunal” to execute the sentences which created its own secret service is “secret ekzekuto”.

Investigators have asked the court to instruct the forensic linguistic examination. Members of the “PNUK” proclaimed the creation of paramilitary structures, “Ukrainian national army” (“UNA”). Tasks “UNA”, as established by the investigation, is to counter the National guard and National police and implementation of power capture of adminzdaniye of bodies of authority of Ukraine and the head of their officials to forcibly seize power and overthrow the constitutional order.

As reported, last year nearly 50 people were brought to responsibility for anti-Ukrainian propaganda in social networks.

It also became known that the Department of counterintelligence of SBU in 2018 exposed 71 people involved in intelligence and subversive activities of foreign intelligence services on the territory of Ukraine.

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