In the Ternopil region the farmer has collected a radio-controlled electrotechno

На Тернопольщине фермер собрал радиоуправляемую электротачку

Peter Holovaty drives electroteck

The car can go forward and backward, and has a large capacity. Controlled it with the remote.

In the Ternopol area farmer Peter Holovaty was designed RC car for farm work. It consists of two parts – motor unit with motor and trailer, reports the edition About.those.

It is noted that the car can go forward and backward, and has a large capacity.

“The frame is made of metal, electric motors and batteries of electric bikes, control electronics improvised and not only electronic components, chain, and sprockets from different bikes, wheels from cars. To the city my heart is not in it, and the technique is. Love something to experience in the garden to facilitate the work”, – said the farmer.

Controlled car with the remote.

Previously, three masters in the Dnipropetrovsk region gathered in the garage of a huge SUV. Men from Nikopol altered 19-year-old “Cube” for an impressive car.

It was also reported that Ukrainians have developed a wireless charger, thanks to which the smartphone can be charged automatically. The device can charge four smartphones simultaneously.

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