In the Ternopil region the schoolgirl has hanged herself after reading the popular novel

На Тернопольщине школьница повесилась после прочтения популярного романа

Shortly before his suicide in her diary she wrote: “no one can hear Me”

The world knows several cases when teenagers took their own lives after reading the novel Stace Kramer “50 days before my suicide”.

In Ternopil region, 14-year-old schoolgirl killed herself after reading a famous among the young novel. About this report the Facts.

A 9th grade student from the village of Cascade Ternopil region hanged himself in a shed near the house in which lived with her 85-year-old grandmother. Classmate girls sure that it was a “group of death”, but the police deny.

“We looked through the history on the Internet schoolgirl. The girl was not involved in groups like “Blue whale” or whatever else like that However, we know that in the beginning of the summer ninth-grader read a cult novel Stace Kramer “50 days before my suicide”, – told in police.

The world knows several cases when teenagers took his own life after reading it. According to locals, the girl was very active in school, played music, danced and performed at all school events.

However, shortly before his suicide in her diary she wrote: “no one hears Me”. The girl’s parents divorced. Dad came back from the ATO and went to work in Poland, where we went and her mother.

The novel “50 days before my suicide” is considered a cult among teenagers. The plot of the novel revolves around a sixteen year old girl who wants to commit suicide because of the divorce of her parents and failures in life. She sets herself a goal: to live for 50 days, and then decide to live or die. Every day, its problems become more serious, which further pushes the main character to suicide. A novel Stace Kramer popular all over the world. According to media reports, some teenagers after reading the novel actually committed suicide. But there are no statistics.

Recall that in the churches of Lviv a girl tried to cut my veins. The incident occurred on Friday, September 13, at 15:00. Fortunately, tragedy was avoided.


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