In the three areas found stockpiles of weapons of

В трех областях нашли арсеналы оружия

Stockpiles of weapons were discovered in three areas

The large Arsenal was found in the river in the Donetsk region: local residents swam and fished near unexploded artillery shell.

In Pavlopole in the Donetsk region on the Kalmius river the border guards from the combined forces found an Arsenal of weapons. It is reported by the state border service on Wednesday, September 4.

“The diving group of the DSNs raised from the river one broken shell and 4 artillery shells with fuses, 917 cartridges of caliber 5.45 mm, 517 cartridges of caliber of 7.62x54r mm and 27 cartridges of caliber of 7.62×39 mm”, – stated in the message.

Local residents swam and fished in the river, not paying attention to the warning signs “Stop mines”.

The press service of the SBU reported that in the Sumy and Zhytomyr regions were blocked by the illegal storage of military weapons imported from the area of operations of the joint forces.

In the Sumy region, during the searches in the forest discovered the hiding place. From it militiamen withdrew 14 grenades, two grenade shots VOG, 25 fuses uzrgm, ten detonating cords with blasting caps, detonating primers 16, nine TNT blocks and seven powder charges for artillery munitions.

According to intelligence agencies, the attack was planned for use by attackers to prepare and commit crimes of an extremist nature, aimed at destabilization socially-a political situation in the region. A resident of the area involved in the storage of the weapon detained.

In Zhytomyr region the illegal activity was involved in the resident Novograd-Volyn. This soldier personally brought the ammunition from the area of the temporary dislocation of units of his military unit, which is near the demarcation line. Military weapons he kept in the basement of his garage.

During the searches at the place of residence of the defendant, who on the eve returned from the region of cabs, law enforcement officers seized ten fragmentation grenades f-1 and RGD-5. Seized weapons sent for examination.

Both facts initiated criminal proceedings under part 1 St. 263 (Illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives) the Criminal code of Ukraine. Urgent investigative actions.



We will remind that earlier in the Donbas near the checkpoint found a cache of rocket-propelled grenades.

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