In the town had electricity installed

В Авдеевке появилось электричество

In the original restored power

The launch of the Donetsk filter plant is planned March 17.

In Avdiivka fully restored electricity, said the state service for emergency situations in the Donetsk region.

In Avdeevka lost electricity on March 14, and then the light lasted only a day before the city was energized on March 11.

It is reported that heat the city is carried out normally through teploenergotsentrali Avdiivka coke plant.

“Currently, water from the Donetsk filter plant is supplied by gravity to the population, also have a supply of drinking water in the tank (4tys. cubic meters),” – said in the civil service.

It is also noted that the launch of the Donetsk filter station is scheduled for 17 March in the presence of security guarantees for workers.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military is suspected of killing a resident of the Town.