In the UAE died “the hardest” woman

В ОАЭ умерла "самая тяжелая в мире" женщина

Died the hardest woman in the world

She died in the 38th year of life, having a weight of 504 pounds.

In the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi died 38-year-old eman Ahmed AB El ATI, which was considered the heaviest woman in the world, reports Hindustan Times. Woman’s weight was 504 pounds.

In the hospital issued an official statement according to which the Egyptian AB El Athy died from cardiovascular disease and kidney failure.

It is reported that the woman was treated in hospital in Abu Dhabi in may this year. The status of the controlled 20 different doctors.

Prior to this, the patient was treated in an Indian hospital where she was taken for treatment from obesity. She survived the operation and two months lost 250 pounds.

The cause of obesity women doctors called dysfunction glands and elefantes caused by parasitic nematodes.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that in 2015 in Ukraine reported about 26 percent women and 16 percent of men suffering from excess weight.