In the Ukrainian Premier League had a fourth resignation since the beginning of the season

В украинской Премьер-лиге произошла четвертая отставка с начала сезона

Yeghishe Melikyan

The coach Steel said that he was leaving the team.

The head coach Became Yeghishe Melikyan after the match of the championship of Ukraine with the Donetsk Olimpik announced that he will be leaving the team.

“I think we need to leave and make room for another coach. You need to properly leave. You can talk with different excuses, but I don’t want that. No result means no result”, – said Melikyan.

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Note that after seven consecutive defeats Steel against Marseille played in a draw. At this point the Steel takes the 10th place in the standings of the championship of Ukraine, having 7 points after 10 games.

Since the beginning of this season, the coaches had already had three teams in the Premier League – the Carpathians, the black sea Mariupol.

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