In the United States assured that they would not require payment for Seoul’s missile defense

В США заверили, что не будут требовать от Сеула платы за систему противоракетной обороны

the missile defense system

United States of America confirmed, that alone will cover the cost of the placement of a missile defense system in South Korea, said in Seoul, according to DW.

In the administration of the President of South Korea said that Sunday, April 30, Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump on national security Herbert McMaster and his South Korean counterpart Kim Hwanjin has discussed the question of placing modern missile complex Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD). During a call, McMaster assured Guanjia that South Korea remains Washington’s number one priority in the Asia-Pacific region.
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April 27: U.S. President Donald trump said that South Korea would have to pay Washington for the deployment on its territory of a missile defense system that the US is deploying in response to the threat from North Korea. Trump praised the system cost one billion dollars. In Seoul also said that the cost of deployment and maintenance of the system, according to the agreement regulating the stay of American military in the country, shall carry US, and South Korea offered to host the territory and infrastructure.

“The national security adviser Herbert McMaster explained that the recent statements of the President of trump were made in the overall context, in connection with expectations of the U.S. distribution of defense spending by allies,” – said in the message of administration of the President of South Korea.

Recall that the U.S. deployed in South Korea missile defense system THAAD, designed to intercept ballistic missiles of short and medium range missiles at high altitude at the moment of their approach the goal.

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