In the United States at auction sell dinosaur bones

В США на аукционе продадут кости динозавров

At auction sell dinosaur bones

Want to buy ancient relics will need to shell out a couple hundred thousand dollars.

American Heritage auction will arrange the sale of fragments of the skeletons of dinosaurs. This is reported by Ukrainian news.

One of the lots – the skull of a Triceratops. He was found in Montana in 2014, in a private home. The exact age of the fossil is difficult to determine, but according to preliminary data, he is not less than 65 million years. The skull tells the story of the animal: the punctures on the head he could get in a fight with another Triceratops or a Tyrannosaurus. Bidding started with 150 thousand dollars and you plan to gain from 200 to 300 thousand American dollars.

Another lot – the skeleton of pelycosaur archaeologists found near Texas. Pelycosaur is typical of reptiles since the dinosaurs. They are more like modern reptiles than to other dinosaurs. But who wants to buy a 300 million year old will have to pay from 150 to 250 thousand dollars.

Mammoth tusks have been found in Alaska. It’s rare that two tusks are found together, making this lot unique. Canines have a pronounced curvature and are almost identical in size and weight. These reminders of the ancient world, like the skeleton of pelycosaur will cost collectors 150-250 thousand dollars.

As reported, the construction workers during the repair of the kindergarten in Berdyansk the Zaporozhye area found the remains of a mammoth.