In the United States called the date of the visit to Kiev envoy in Ukraine

В США назвали дату визита в Киев спецпредставителя по Украине

Kurt Volker intends to visit Eastern Ukraine, as well as meet with the Ukrainian leadership in the capital.

The U.S. state Department announced plans of a special representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volker to visit Kiev.

It is noted that on 21 July the special representative will arrive in Eastern Ukraine “to meet with those who suffered from Russian aggression, and to discuss the importance of the security of the country”. On July 24, Walker plans to hold a meeting with the Ukrainian leadership to discuss Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Recall, July 7, Walker was appointed special representative for Ukraine, which will coordinate the efforts of the state Department to resolve the situation in the Donbas.

Earlier Корреспондент.net gathered information about Kurt Volker.