In the United States called weaknesses of the Ukrainian army

В США назвали слабые места украинской армии

The main problem of the army

The main problem are the centers of combat training.

The main priorities for Ukraine in the reform of the army should become the centers of combat training, undertake a critical self-examination of the entire structure of the armed forces and the defense Ministry, and the preparation of the NCO corps. In an interview with the Censor.NO said the commander of the U.S. army in Europe Ben Hodges.

According to him, the same way in the 1970s was the U.S. army after thousands of casualties in Vietnam.

“First, the centers of combat training. We seriously undertook training. You know that in USA there is a national training center in the desert, there is a combined training center at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and also has a training center in Hohenfels, Germany. The air force began to conduct regular exercises in conditions close to combat Red Flag/Blue Flag. In other words, number one was the attention to regular training and constant maintenance of high level of combat readiness. Only regular exercises and trainings helped to recreate the army,” – said Hodges.

The second thing that Ukraine needs is to conduct a critical self-examination that was impossible many years in the Soviet system.

“We have created and implemented so-called permanent system of analysis of errors and analysis of operations (AAR, After Action Review). After each of the exercise everyone who participated, openly discussed under the guidance of the leader all what happened, and above all learn what went wrong, why it went wrong and how to fix it. This simple procedure has helped to change the army, because it forced us to be honest with yourself at all levels. Now honesty and self-criticism is like oxygen, without them we have nothing to do,” said the General.

Also, according to Hodges, the system of training of sergeants is important, because that’s what the NCO corps is the node of contact between the army and society.

“The Sergeant is not easy to add an icon yourself to the form. We teach sergeants as well as officers. There are two aspects. First, as far as I know, the Ministry of defence has said it wants to reach NATO standards until 2020. This is a very important and attainable goal, if it is correct to focus resources to Ukrainian units became operationally compatible with NATO units. And an important part of this process is the continued development of the NCO corps. This case is very important because when modern military operations it is impossible to centralize all decisions in one place, and then hope that all will perform them – that is the nature of modern warfare. The communication control circuit is constantly interrupted, and the actions of the army depend on the decisions of Junior commanders, so you can understand what is happening. This means that you must give them authority; they should feel that they can make decisions, they must practice self-initiative actions. And, of course, primarily this responsibility lies with the sergeants,” – said the General.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the defense Ministry has increased funding for special operations.

The US has spent on military center near Lviv $22 million