In the United States concerned about the radioactive pollution in the Donbas

В США обеспокоены информацией о радиоактивном загрязнении на Донбассе

In the Donbas actively flooded mine

The American Embassy is concerned about reports on the radioactive waste contamination separatists in the Donbass is a big risk to human health and the environment.

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine said about the concerns information about radioactive waste contamination of the territory of Donbass with representatives of illegal armed groups. On Friday, April 13, the press service of the American Embassy on Twitter.

“Concerned by reports about radioactive waste contamination henchmen of Russia in Donbass is a big risk to human health and the environment”, – stated in the message.

The Embassy also noted that Russia needs to end the conflict, “it will improve the lives of residents of Donbass”.

Earlier it was reported that the separatists are going on April 14 to stop pumping water at the mine Young Kommunar, where in 1979 he was made an experimental nuclear explosion to lower the voltage in a mountain range. This creates the risk that radioactive waste at a depth of about a kilometre will surface along with groundwater and contaminate the surrounding area, in particular, the flow of the Seversky Donets, the don river and the Azov sea.

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