In the United States fined British Royal Bank of Scotland for $4.9 billion

В США оштрафовали британский Royal Bank of Scotland на $4,9 млрд

The fine was the largest penalty against a Bank for illegal actions that led to the financial crisis.

British Bank Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) will pay 4.9 billion dollars for the settlement of the lawsuit of the U.S. government because of its actions on securities that led to the 2008 crisis. About the U.S. justice Department announced on Wednesday, August 15, writes Reuters.

From the published statement, that the Royal Bank of Scotland “misled investors in underwriting the securities and the issuance of securities tied to mortgage lending between 2003 and 2005”.

“Despite assurances from RBS to its investors, RBS transactions were backed by mortgages with high default risk,” said attorney Andrew Selling.

The justice Ministry added that the Bank is disputing the charges and I do not agree that his actions were violations.

Bank Goldman Sachs was fined $110 million

Previously, the Department of financial services of the state of new York has fined Deutsche Bank for 205 million dollars. The reason for this was “violating the laws, unsafe and unreasonable conduct” in foreign exchange transactions.

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