In the United States first approved the form of gene therapy for cancer

В США впервые одобрен вид генной терапии для борьбы с раком

The drug Kibria will be applied when other treatments fail

The cost of treatment – 475 thousand dollars.

Management of quality control food and drug administration (FDA) approved a new course of cancer treatment that uses genetically modified blood cells of the patient. They activate the patient’s immune system so that the actively destroy cancer cells.

Representatives of the FDA has called this a historical moment and added that the medicine goes to the next level.

The cost of treatment provided by Novartis, is 475 thousand dollars. After completing the course, approximately 83% of the patients have recovered from a form of cancer of the blood.

This “living medicine” is made individually for each patient – in contrast to traditional methods of treatment like surgery or chemotherapy.

The technology, called CAR-T and is made through the extraction of immune cells from the blood.

Then these cells – T-lymphocytes genetically preprogrammed to find and destroy cancer cells. Then the modified cells returned to the patient’s body, where their number increases each time when they encounter cancer cells.

The drug called Kimuraya works against acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The majority of patients get better after standard treatment methods. Kibria will be applied if they fail.

Dr. Stephen Grappa, which was the first to use therapy CAR-T Children’s hospital of Philadelphia, calls it an important discovery.

“Like we’ve never seen,” he says.

The first patient, which method was tested, was on the verge of death, but now for five years as healthy. Of the 63 patients who had undergone CAR-T, 83% reached the stage of complete remission within three months. While scientists gather data about long-term effects of new therapies. It is also noted that the technology’s potential CAR-T goes beyond the treatment of only one kind of cancer.

However, the treatment has risks. One of the possible side effects – a deadly syndrome release of cytokines, which can develop as a result of the rapid spread in the body cells CAR-T. This process can be controlled with medication.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously the technology for editing genes rescued two children, who suffered from an aggressive form of leukemia. Children aged 16 and 18 months were treated together a therapy based on chimeric antigen receptors, and the technology for genome editing. Also infants chemotherapy and stem cell transplant.

Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si