In the United States found a map of the first Internet 1973

В США найдена карта первого интернета 1973 года

Internet services, 1973

Map “just the Internet”, dated 1973, were found in old papers of computer school of Carnegie-Mellon in the US. the published in Twitter an employee of the Carnegie Museum of art David Newbury.

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It is noted that at the time, the ARPANET consisted of computers 42 connected to node 36 in the United States. Just a few months after creating the map of the ARPANET became international, starting servers in Norway and London.

The map shows that the network was connected to the largest US universities, including Stanford, Harvard and California. Node – base routers are marked with squares, the client computers and server – ovals.

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The ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was created in 1969 by the Agency of the Ministry of defense for advanced research (DARPA) and was the prototype of the modern Internet.