In the United States had landed Boeing-737 because of the attempts of the passengers to open the door in flight

В США вынужденно приземлился Boeing-737 из-за попыток пассажира открыть дверь в полете

Aircraft airline Alaska Airlines made an emergency landing in Minneapolis after a passenger tried to open door during flight. This according to CBS News.

It is noted that the plane “Boeing-737” was flying from JFK new York to Seattle.

“We got the message that this passenger tried to open the door at the back of the plane. The attempt was unsuccessful, because it is physically impossible to open the door of the aircraft when the aircraft is pressurized”, – said the representative of the airline Halley Knigge.

The police in Minnesota suggest that the passenger has a mental disorder. Police sent the man to a local hospital.

States that shortly after the forced landing, the plane resumed its flight and successfully got in the destination.

Vid from girl on @AlaskaAir flight from NYC to Seattle, delayed bc officials say a man tried to open a door mid-air

— Linzi Sheldon (@LinziKIRO7) 29 Aug 2016