In the United States has determined the date of landing humans on the moon

В США определили дату высадки людей на Луну

The successful implementation of the lunar program should be the Foundation for a manned mission to Mars.

The U.S. plans to commit another manned mission to the moon in 2028. This is evidenced by published on 11 March a draft budget of the U.S. National Directorate of Aeronautics and space research (NASA).

“The partnership with private companies for the development system manned landing on the moon, along with other studies returns again the superiority of the US on the way to the moon, around it and on its surface and lead to landing men on the moon by 2028”, − the document says.

Total funding for NASA in fiscal year 2020 could reach $ 21 billion.

“We’re going to the moon in the next decade with innovative new technology and systems to explore more places on the lunar surface than ever before, − said the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein, referring to the budget of the space Agency.

According to him,the USA use the knowledge gained on the moon “for the next giant leap − sending astronauts to Mars”.

Planned facilities for future expeditions on the moon will last about a week.

In the medium term, NASA involves the orbit of the moon station Gateway, which will be the base for future astronauts at the landing spacecraft on the surface of the satellite.

The construction of the station in lunar orbit will begin in 2022, and the first manned flight to it is scheduled for 2024.

Earlier media reported that the President of the United States, Donald trump intends to request that Congress increase spending on NASA to explore the moon for $ 500 million in 2020 fiscal year.

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