In the United States have discovered a creature with 414 feet

В США обнаружили существо с 414 ногами

The number of legs, different types of centipedes varies from 750 to 10

Millipedes have four of the penis.

Scientists have discovered cave in the national Park “Sequoia” in California a new species of millipedes, of which there are 414 feet, 200 poisonous glands and penis four.

Experts have established that a new species of centipedes can be close to the species Illacme plenipes, which representatives have 750 feet and are considered by the multilegged creatures on Earth.

Scientists drew attention to the unusual body structure of centipedes: in particular, on the 4 feet that also perform the function of the penis, and the paired holes emit unknown to science protective chemical.

A new species of centipede was named Illacme tobini in honor of the employee of the national Park Ben Tobin. In the same cave was also discovered unknown species of spiders, flies and Scorpions.

Biologists hope that a detailed study of new type will allow to learn more about the superclass myriopoda. Currently, scientists have described more than 12 thousand species of these insects.

Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si