In the United States have discovered a new species of dinosaur

В США обнаружили новый вид динозавра

The remains of a new species of dinosaur

A previously unknown species of dinosaur-Armadillo that lived 76 million years ago, found in Utah.

Paleontologists excavated in National forest, Utah and found the skeleton of a new species of dinosaur. 76 fossils Dating millions of years old and refers to an ancient armored reptiles.

New species has been given the name Acinacea Jonson. Presumably the halo of its habitat was the territory of modern North America.

The discovery was the most complete four-metre skeleton of an armored dinosaur of all previously discovered. Nothing like what the scientists did not find, so took the dinosaur to a new kind.

Before scientists found in Argentina giant dinosaur first

Archaeologists have recreated the appearance of reptiles. Individuals Akainacephalus johnsoni grew three or four feet long and about a meter in height. Their body was protected by bony plate, which played the role of armor.

Serious differences of the findings from all the previously discovered scientists explain the migration of species to other areas and split continents.

Earlier in the auction sold dinosaur skeletons for two million dollars

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