In the United States have experienced supersonic “hyperpoetry”

В США испытали сверхзвуковую "гиперпетлю"

In the United States are developing technology of high-speed transport

Developers “hyperpoetry” want in the future to replace its trains.

In the desert in the U.S. state of Nevada company One Hyperloop successfully conducted the first test of its technology of delivery of cargoes and transportation of passengers in a “vacuum” tube, reports Reuters.

During the first test, the device reached speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. As stated by the developers and investors, the speed could potentially reach and exceed the speed of the aircraft. It is planned that the “capsule” of high-speed vehicles already this year, will be able to move through the pipe, fragments of which are situated on the platform, where the test carried out, the Agency said.

The idea of the Hyperloop (“hyperpathia”) is owned by Elon musk, which acted as the ideologist and the founder of such companies as SpaceX and Tesla Motors. He stated that with vacuum tubes you can build a transport route from San Francisco to Los Angeles over 6 billion dollars, ten times less expensive than a project similar to the s-Bahn.

The project, which Musk introduced in 2013, is the same principle on which is based the work of pneumopathy in old buildings. Capsule in which to place the passengers, with great acceleration is pushed into the pipe. After that, the movement continues due to flow of the air and use special magnets that will guide the capsule.

The company plans in the early stages to reach speeds of 480 km/h. Later I want to exceed 1200 km/h Specifically for the tests, the company acquired a plot of land in Nevada for the construction of the test track.

The train sets in motion the electric motor. When slowing releases energy, which charges the battery. Rooftop vacuum tubes will install solar panels for recharging the train.

The first plan to build a line from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It will take $ 16 billion. A ticket for a vacuum train will cost about 20-30 dollars.