In the United States lives the largest organism on Earth

В США обитает самый большой организм на Земле

Tolstonogov Armillaria (Armillaria gallica)

The body of the giant Michigan Armillaria, which is hidden under the ground covers an area of 37 hectares.

Scientists have questioned the superiority of the blue whale in the ranking of the largest living organisms on Earth, examining Michigan Armillaria. About it reports the Smithsonian.

It is noted that the American scientist Matthew Taub analyzed the massive fungal mycelium growing on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He came to the conclusion that the tint is much bigger and older than it was assumed before.

Earlier James Anderson, a biologist from the University of Toronto and one of the discoverers of the fungus, studied his genome on the basis of 245 samples. The study confirmed that the mushroom is one huge living organism.

According to the updated data, we study the mycelium body of the fungus, hidden under the ground covers an area of 37 acres and weighs about 400 tons.

It may be up to two and a half thousand years.

Earlier it was reported that in the Mariana trench in the West Pacific ocean scientists have discovered an unknown living organisms at a depth of 11 kilometers.

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