In the United States pending rocket launch with a military satellite

В США отложен запуск ракеты с военным спутником

The launch of the carrier rocket Atlas V

Booster Atlas V with a military satellite GEO-4 should start the evening of 19 January. The satellite will warn of missile attack and to provide technical intelligence.

The American company United Launch Alliance has postponed the launch of a heavy launch vehicle Atlas V with a military satellite GEO-4, according to the website ULA.

This decision was taken due to problems related to the supply system of liquid oxygen.

The launch is tentatively scheduled for Friday evening, January 19. The missile must be launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral.

Satellite GEO-4 will be able to warn of missile attack, to carry out technical exploration.

The launch of GEO-4 would be 125-m on account of ULA. In addition, it is the 75th launch of the Atlas V since its first flight in 2002.

Yuzhmash is waiting for Russia to $8 million to launch the satellite

Earlier, the U.S. launched a carrier rocket Delta IV with classified military satellite NROL-47.