In the United States presented the apparatus for exploration of the moon

В США презентовали аппарат для освоения Луны

Bezos presented the machine to landing on the moon

The module began to develop in 2016. It will run on liquid oxygen and hydrogen and is able to lift up to 6.5 tonnes of cargo.

In Washington, the presentation of a prototype spacecraft for landing people on the moon. A video recording of the event appeared on the official YouTube channel of the developer company Blue Origin.

About the module for landing on earth’s satellite, said the head of the company Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos. According to the man, the machine Blue Moon is able to deliver to the moon from 3.6 to 6.5 tons of cargo and crew. The load capacity of the module demonstrated by the prototype machine in full size at presentation.

Specially designed motor BE-7 thrust up to 40 kN runs on liquid hydrogen and oxygen. Testing engine will be held in the summer of 2019. If he successfully passes the test, it will be available for other companies.

Module Blue Moon, developed in 2016, will equip a Rover. It was fixed on the roof of the apparatus and then lowered to the surface of the moon.

Previously in the United States successfully tested a reusable rocket. Also Reporter wrote about whether Armageddon 2027 and is there an escape from asteroids.

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