In the United States, the court allowed the investigating authorities to conduct “a search of” any computer in the world

В США суд разрешил следственным органам проводить "обыск" любого компьютера в мире

The U.S. Supreme court approved amendments to the legislation, which the American courts will give investigative agencies the authority to access any of the computers, including those residing abroad, writes Reuters.

Under the current earlier order, the judge could issue sanctions only for access to computers located in their jurisdiction.

Chief justice John Roberts has already sent the decision to Congress, which until December 1, shall make appropriate amendments to the legislation. However, if the legislators won’t make it this time, changes in Federal laws, the Supreme court’s decision will take effect automatically.

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The Agency notes that the decision was taken despite the protests of human rights defenders and civil society activists who believe that these amendments will significantly expand the powers of the FBI in the implementation of hacker attacks in the investigation of crimes.

On introducing amendments to the criminal legislation from 2013 insisted the Ministry of justice, which characterized them as “minor changes”. However, human rights organizations and Google, the Agency said, were opposed to this initiative. According to them, the FBI will now be able to carry out a massive hacker attack on a computer network.

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Earlier in April, Microsoft sued the U.S. government for the right to notify its customers in the case when the government requests access to their e-mail. The Corporation believes that the government’s actions violate the Fourth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which establishes the right of individuals and companies to know is whether a government search or seizure of their property, as well as the First amendment to the Constitution about freedom of speech.

We are talking about storing customer data on Microsoft’s remote servers, explain to the Corporation that created for the government a loophole to gain access to their electronic data. Using the law “On protection of information transmitted via electronic communication systems” (Electronic Communications Privacy Act, ECPA), the government increasingly accesses the request data that is stored on the so-called cloud, says Microsoft in its lawsuit.

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“People don’t give up your rights when you move your private information to the cloud,” reads the lawsuit. It also notes that the government “exploited the cloud as a means to expand its power to conduct secret investigations”.