In the United States to discuss the possibility of suspending funding of UNESCO because of anti-Israel resolutions of the UN security Council – source

В США обсуждают возможности приостановки финансирования ЮНЕСКО из-за антиизраильской резолюции Совбеза ООН, - источник


The vote of the UN security Council on the legality of Jewish settlements in Palestine could lead to the refusal of the United States from participation in the organizations of the United Nations. As the Washington Post reported one of the variants of such actions can be a refusal to participate in the financing of UNESCO.

As the newspaper notes, such measures call for some of the senators of the U.S. Congress. “Almost every Republican will feel that is a betrayal of Israel, and the only answer we have is the power of the purse” – the Washington Post the words of the Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on appropriations state Department and foreign operations Lindsey Graham.

While the publication notes that the United States is one of the major donor countries, the UN and their contributions constitute 22% of the annual budget of the United Nations. However, the involvement of Washington in the financing of the UN is mandatory and is subject to previously ratified treaties. In this regard, the waiver may require revision of legislation.

We will remind, on December 23 the UN security Council adopted resolution No. 2334, condemning the presence of the 140 Jewish settlements in the West Bank of the Jordan river and East Jerusalem. The resolution was supported by 15 countries of the UN security Council, including Ukraine.

In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given instructions to all heads of ministries over the next three weeks not to make visits to the countries who voted against Israel. He also asked the Ministers to refrain from talking about the annexation of territories as long as Donald trump will not be in the position of President of the United States, in connection with the possibility of a new anti-Israeli steps by the international community to change power in America.