In the Urals, the Ukrainian who has killed his wife and wounded her 15-year-old daughter, was sentenced to 19 years

На Урале украинца, который зарезал свою сожительницу и ранил ее 15-летнюю дочь, осудили на 19 лет

Krasnoarmeyskiy district court of Chelyabinsk region declared a citizen of Ukraine guilty of murder of the cohabitant and the attempted murder of a minor. About it reports a press-service of the court.

As stated at the hearing, may 20, 2015, from Danilevsky A. V., who was in an alcohol intoxication, on the ground formed during the period of cohabitation with Yurk N. And. personal aversions to the last, originated criminal intent, aimed at killing Yurk N. And. and her minor daughter A. V. Yurk

Carrying out his criminal intent, Danilevsky A. V., armed with a hunting knife, with the purpose of depriving the juvenile of life struck her a blow with the blade of a knife in the chest in the front, causing serious bodily injury. As a result of timely hospitalization she was given medical care that saved her life. The cohabitant of the offender has caused the hunting knife has many hits in various parts of the body (chest, stomach), causing serious bodily injury. As a result of intentional criminal acts Danilevsky A. V. after a short time at the crime scene, death of the victim.

Despite the fact that the blame in the attempted intentional homicide of a minor victim Danilevsky A. V. at the hearing did not recognize that his guilt is fully proven in court and against Danilevsky A. V. a conviction.

In imposing sentence, the court took into account all mitigating circumstances, and aggravating, which include the fact that the defendant committed the crime in an alcohol intoxication. In this connection the court has found exceptional circumstances, allow to sentence the defendant below the lower limit and has appointed punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of 19 years with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a strict mode.

The sentence has not entered validity and can be appealed against in Chelyabinsk regional court.

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