In the US have created a robot for picking strawberries

В США создали роботов для сбора клубники

The robot can pick strawberries immediately with eight beds

Berry robot is equipped with high resolution cameras to search for berries in the foliage and computers to recognize them.

Experts from the agricultural research centre at the University of Florida have created a robot specifically designed for picking strawberries. As reported on Friday, the television station WDBO, Autonomous self-propelled machine, called Berry works from the diesel engine.

It is equipped with high resolution cameras to search for berries in the foliage, computers for their recognition and effectors 16, made of soft plastic, which capture the berries and transporting them to the hopper. The robot is able to collect the berries at once with eight beds.

Another robot, named Thorvald and battery-powered, designed for the processing of strawberry beds with ultraviolet light to combat the disease – logomachist dew. Previously, these robots were tested only in greenhouses in the state of West Virginia, and now for the first time tested on a large farm.

The design of these robots national science Foundation of the United States in 2016, has provided a grant in the amount of $1 million.

“The robotic systems designed for agricultural work, our attention, – said Professor of the Department of plant pathology at the University of Florida Natalie Perez. – This is a promising direction because such systems allow to save on labour costs”.

Earlier this week, Boston Dynamics showed how its robots can “tow” truck. Ten doglike robots “harnessed to the sled,” but for a sled hitched to the truck.

The scientists also called professions that take away from the robots. By 2025, the proportion of the work performed by robots, will reach 52% .

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