In the US people have sued Microsoft because of Windows 10

В США пользователи подали в суд на Microsoft из-за Windows 10

In the United States district court in Chicago entered a class action lawsuit against Microsoft because of the unstable work of the operating system Windows 10. It is reported by The Register.

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It is noted that the initiators of the lawsuit were three Americans who are unable to recover the valuable information of sudden after upgrading the system.

The complaint refers to the fact that Windows 10 is a defective product and its manufacturer is unable to openly disclose the potential risks associated with its installation. The plaintiffs lost valuable data due to the fact that the new OS is extremely unstable.

The attorneys representing victims in court, insisting that the company is thinking about the mechanism of damages that are thousands of users affected by the upgrade to Windows 10. According to the defense, users should get a guarantee for 30 days from the date of installation.

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The complaint also States that the operating system often does not alert you about the massive update, resulting in the loss of important data. In addition, the Americans complain that improper installation may break the computer.

As previously reported, in April, Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 upgrade Creators Update.

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