In the US, spoke about the loss Deripaska and Vekselberg sanctions

В США рассказали о потерях Дерипаски и Вексельберга от санкций

Viktor Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska

In the American Ministry considers that Oleg Deripaska because of the sanctions lost about half of his fortune, and Victor Vekselberg has lost approximately three billion dollars.

Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg has lost about three billion dollars due to sanctions, its status declined from 16.4 billion dollars in April of this year to 13.5 liddiard dollars in July.

This is stated in the report of the Deputy Minister of Finance of the USA Mandelker Seagal, who played with him in the banking Committee on Tuesday, August 21.

Group Vekselberg Renova because of the restrictive measures was forced to part with a portion of their assets in Switzerland and Italy. Sanctioned billionaire Oleg Deripaska, according to the U.S. Treasury, has lost about half of his fortune.

Earlier it became known that Cyprus at the request of the US froze the Bank accounts Deripaska and Vekselberg after 6 April, the business was included in the sanctions list. They then denied entry to the country and froze their us assets.

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At the same time, Renova refuted reports of large financial losses due to us sanctions.

“Mr. Vekselberg was not personal accounts in Cyprus. As for our affiliates, they have some significant cash, either before the imposition of U.S. sanctions, nor later on accounts in Cypriot banks is not kept “, − told RBC representative of Renova Andrew Storch.

Representatives of Deripaska information about the freezing of accounts has not yet commented on, in 2017, the oligarch bought in Cyprus.

Source: Russian service of DW

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