In the US the development of the Ukrainians recognized as the best

В США разработку украинцев признали лучшей

Ukrainians won on the American hackathon

Ukrainian developers was presented at the American hackathon “smart” defibrillator.

Ukrainian development of “smart” defibrillator was recognized as the best on the hackathon Сities Hakathon at Internet of Things World 2016, which took place in California, reports “Mirror of week”.

It is known that the defibrillator was presented by the Ukrainian developers from Ciklum team.

As is well known, a defibrillator is used to provide emergency medical assistance when a person had sudden cardiac arrest.

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The Ukrainian device, in addition to its direct function, also gives clues to the owner and notifies the nearest clinic that the accident happened. Also in memory of “smart” machine is saved the exact time the first rank, but also the coordinates and the electrocardiogram of the victim.

“It is significant that the Ukrainian team was again the winner is an example of what we need to focus on creating products and not just the work to outsourcing,” commented the victory of Ukrainians investor events Paul Kuftyrev.

It is known that the Ciklum team wins the hackathon for the second consecutive year.

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