In the US the police are mistakenly “rescued” from the cold dummy, who was in the car

В США полиция ошибочно "спасла" от холода манекен, находившийся в автомобиле

In the USA the police of the state of new York “rescued” from the cold mannequin, mistaking it for a woman who is cold. About it writes BBC.

It happened in Hudson. The police on Friday morning someone rang and a very upset voice said, in a parked car, a woman froze to death.

Officers breaking the car window, found in him a figure who was wearing a seat belt to a chair, had an oxygen mask and sat motionless in the passenger seat.

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The owner of the dummy is reported that used it for training in the provision of medical care.

Police said that the car was covered with snow, and last night the temperature was -13.

In this regard, the head of police addressed to all owners of mannequins. “I want clarified. All residents of the city of Hudson should remember that if you Park your locked car in the street in the cold with a realistic mannequin inside, we divide the window in your car,” said the police.

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