In the US the robber, trying to escape, swinging upside down on the fence of the school

В США грабитель, пытаясь убежать, повис вниз головой на заборе школы

In the US, the thief tried to get into the building of the primary school miles in the U.S. city of Tucson (Arizona), but was forced to flee when he noticed a local mechanic, according to

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Unfortunately for the offender, the school fence was too sharp. The man caught on the fence by his pants and hung down his head, being unable to free himself.

Curious about the incident to journalists said a resident of Tucson Jess Sensibar, photograph the alleged thief. According to the witness, the man was just hanging upside down, waiting for when it will pick up cops.

“I don’t know how he managed to escape, but after 15 minutes, when I again passed by, he was sitting in the police car and smiled at me,” said the American.

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As previously reported, in the UK, the thief tried to take out of the store six-foot shutters under clothing.

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