In the vaults of Ukraine was 13 billion cubic meters of gas

В хранилищах Украины осталось 13 млрд кубов газа

In Ukraine for the day came from Europe less than 6 million cubic meters of gas and were selected from the vaults of almost 86 million cubic meters.

The volume of gas in underground storages of Ukraine as of January 10, decreased to 13,004 billion cubic meters this is evidenced by the operational data of the Ukrtransgaz on Saturday, January 12.

For the past day, gas in underground storage facilities of Ukraine’s gas was re-injected. However, storages were selected nearly 86 million cubic meters of gas.

Thus in these it is specified that in Ukraine for the day, there were only of 5.86 million cubic meters of gas from Slovakia – 2.5 million cubic meters, from Hungary 2.1 million cubic meters, and from Poland – 1.2 million cubic meters of its own gas production at 58.4 million cubic meters of gas.

In General, the Ukrainian UGS filled for 42% with a total active capacity of about 31 billion cubic meters.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine has used almost a quarter of the gas reserves in underground storages to 4 billion cubic meters. On the eve of the heating season in underground storage facilities pumped a record 17.1 billion cubic meters of gas.

This year, gas consumption increased slightly. Well as consumption grows this winter due to cold weather.

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