In the “Voice of Ukraine” published the law, aimed at increasing investment in the modernization of state institutions

В "Голосе Украины" опубликован закон, направленный на увеличение инвестиций в термомодернизацию госучреждений

Act 1980-VIII On amendments to the law of Ukraine “On the introduction of new investment opportunities, guaranteeing rights and legal interests of subjects of entrepreneurial activity of the large-scale modernization” was published today in the official newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”. Most of the law will come into force tomorrow, and only some – from 1 January 2022.

According to the press service of the Saee, this law will give the green light to the work of the energy service (ESCO) companies in the public sector and will allow to solve questions of increase of level of energy efficiency in social institutions without the involvement of additional budgetary funds. Now ESCO companies are all legal base to attract private investment for implementation of energy efficiency measures in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.

In particular, the act provides for the improvement of the mechanism of energy and the possibility of using electronic auctions via PROZORRO for the procurement of energy services.

Among the main advantages of the law is such:

– reduction of energy consumption in about 100 thousand budgetary establishments of Ukraine;

– saving millions of hryvnias of budget funds for modernization of the budgetary institutions;

– revitalization of small and medium business, creation of new jobs;

– strengthening cooperation of government and business in the framework of ESCO-contracts;

– to improve comfortable conditions of stay in institutions of social sphere.

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The head of Rada Committee on industrial policy Victor Galasyuk sure that the law “will push a powerful mechanism of energy and large-scale modernization”, and also will increase in the next years to carry out insulation and comprehensive energy modernization almost 80 thousand budgetary establishments – from kindergartens and schools to hospitals and universities.

“This will allow the country to reach a savings of up to 1 billion cubic meters of gas per year, consequently reducing the costs of the budgets on 8-10 billion UAH per year. This will help to attract 5-8 billion. investment, creating tens of thousands of jobs and a huge demand for the products of domestic engineering, construction complex, as well as engineering and repair work,” wrote Galasyuk on his page in Facebook after the law Rada.

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