In the Volyn region on chemistry class 12 children were poisoned by an unknown substance

В Волынской обл. на уроке химии 12 детей отравились неизвестным веществом

Hospital ward

In Volyn region the school was a mass poisoning of children by an unknown substance during a chemistry lesson, reports “UNIAN” with reference to the chief physician of the Volyn regional centre of emergency medical aid and catastrophe medicine Oleg Kuts.

In particular, according to the doctor, about the poisoning of children by an unknown substance was reported from a school in the village of ludyn of Volodymyr-Volynsky district.

As noted Kutz, from Ustilug left the ambulance, then was sent a few teams of Volodymyr-Volynskyi and Novovolynsk.

Now with signs of a poisoning 12 children hospitalized in the Vladimir-Volyn Central regional hospital. Just from an educational institution evacuated 108 people (23 adults and 85 children).

“We are continuing to survey the rest of the children at this school (100 people). To be hospitalized if you develop signs of poisoning,” said Kutz.

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Also the doctor said that out of luck for help went operational headquarters brigade of medicine of accidents. Training school discontinued. Now on a place of accident rescuers work.

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