In the Volyn region opened a monument to the bee

На Волыни открыли памятник пчеле

The largest in Ukraine monument to the bee appeared in Volyn

This is the fourth monument to the bee in Ukraine. Opened in Belgrade was the biggest.

In city Manevichi, Volyn region opened a three-meter monument to the bee, according to

“In Manevichi, Volyn region in the framework of the celebration of bees and honey on Sunday, October 14, opened the largest in Ukraine monument to the bee, whose height is 3.3 meters”, – stated in the message.

According to the newspaper, this is the fourth monument to the bee in Ukraine. To this day these monuments were in Transcarpathia, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk region.

It is noted that the monument was established on the initiative of the local organization of beekeepers. 13 years in Manevichi have the festival of bees and honey, but this year decided to set a record.

Bees height – 3.3 m, length – 2.6 m, wingspan 2.5 m, weight 400 kg. For comparison, the height of the Ternopil monument to the bee – 2.5 m.

The monument was created in Lutsk Smith Victor Semeniuk with his son Victor Happy. The sketch was created together with the beekeepers. The work continued for six months. Material – low carbon steel, that is the usual black metal. And the finished product coated expensive automotive paint.

Earlier in Chernihiv region, a monument of a goat. And in Kharkiv have established a figure of women selling sunflower seeds.


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