In the winery the patrol opened fire to stop a drunk driver

В Виннице патрульные открыли огонь, чтобы остановить пьяного водителя

The patrol shot at the wheels of BMW

Police detained four men.

In Vinnytsia patrol police chase and shooting detained the driver-the violator of traffic rules.

As reported on the page of the patrol police of Ukraine in Facebook, the BMW driver ignored the signal to stop and tried to break away. The man did not respond to repeated requests to stop. After a warning about the use of firearms, the police shot twice at the car wheels.

After the forced stop, the driver and three passengers tried to flee, but was detained. The police learned that 21-year-old driver was driving while intoxicated. The level of alcohol in blood is almost in eight times exceeded the permissible norm of 1.34 ppm.

Regarding the actions the driver was made seven administrative reports. He faces up to two years imprisonment for resisting the police in the performance of their official duties.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in Lviv female driver with signs of drug intoxication was hit by two patrolmen. However, she took one of the police officers on the hood.